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Public school tax money pays a for-profit charter school corporation to pay for a public rally to promote use of tax money for charter schools. (Try reading that aloud three times fast without making your mind burst.)

If that isn't crazy enough, the charter school corporation admits to busing in 2,000 private employees to cheer during today's Orlando photo-op event. Charter Schools USA collects millions of dollars of tax money for profit but claims that the money they are spending to rally for Scott and Rhee's support of the corporation comes from the corporation's own pocket - not tax profits. (Is your mind melting, yet?)

#1 Share. #2 Play fair. #3 Don't hit people.

One five year old learned this well during her brief nine year life.

Angry Tea Party adults choose to forget what they were taught - and why those same three kindergarten lessons are vital to the teachings of every major religion and productive government.

"What Would Jesus Cook?" A McDonalds' Happy Meal for a vote?

Written by | Sunday, 14 August 2011 15:32
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Not the Jesus of the Bible - that is for sure.

The following link is not a joke - as bizarre as it actually is. I laughed and laughed - at first.

Florida has Michelle Rhee, and Illinois has Jonah Edelman as front-line attackers. Other states have similar people with organizations bearing sweet titles such as Save the Children or Students First masking the real purpose of the corporate for-profit takeover of schools (privatization).
ALERT: Do you realize that these attacks are also occurring all over the world?

The Palm Bay City Council meeting on August 4 focused on the proposed Fire Safety fee (click here for details). SCPA president Joe Pishgar and SCPA member Ray Myers were among several citizens who spoke up against the Tea Party folks and in support of Michele Paccione, Ken Green, and William Capote. Read more for exclusive video...

Palm Bay: Show support for responsible funding

Written by Brevard Dems | Tuesday, 02 August 2011 07:37
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Palm Bay is in a crisis, trying to balance its budget in a weak economy. Responsible funding of critical services -- specifically fire & rescue -- has become a political issue being inflamed by a fear-based campaign. Responsible City Council members need a show of support on Thursday evening, August 4th. See urgent message from SCPA President Joe Pishgar.

Cocoa Beach: More pollution for Lagoon?

Written by Maureen Rupe | Tuesday, 02 August 2011 07:20
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On Thursday evening, August 4, Cocoa Beach Commissioner Netterstrom will ask for a letter from the City Commission asking FL Dept. of Environmental Protection for a two-year delay in the non-controversial Cocoa Beach sewer plant upgrade, while proposing that the City continue with the controversial ASR well. ACTION!

Farmton lawsuit hearing is Aug. 2nd in Deland

Written by Sierra Club Florida and other sources | Monday, 01 August 2011 06:58
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During Crist administration, Florida Dept. of Community Affairs (DCA) did not approve the proposed Farmton development plan. Gov. Rick Scott's administration reversed the ruling. Sierra Club Florida filed a legal challenge in May 2011. The past administrator of Crist's DCA is to testify at a hearing about Farmton in Deland on Tues. Aug. 2, 2011.

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