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Women's Equality Day

Written by | Saturday, 27 August 2011 20:07
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Women across the nation gathered this weekend to honor all the women from Abigail Adams to the present day who have fought for women's rights and to celebrate the 91st Anniversary of Women's Suffrage. In 1919, after decades of struggle, Congress passed the 19th Amendment, ratified in 1920, giving women the right to vote.

What does "Back to school" mean?

Written by | Monday, 22 August 2011 15:28
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What category do the following statistics belong in?
A. Education
B. Health Care
C. Women's Issues
D. Civil Rights
E. All of the Above

Every 42 seconds a baby is born without health insurance.
Every 42 seconds a child is confirmed as abused or neglected.
Every minute a baby is born at low birth weight.
More than 24 percent of children under age five are poor.
Almost 70 percent of mothers with children under six are in the workforce.
In 43 states and the District of Columbia, more than one in 10 households has limited access to adequate food.
The United States ranks 24th among 30 developed countries on overall educational achievement for 15-year-olds.
The U.S. spends almost two and a half times as much per prisoner as per public school pupil.


Written by | Friday, 19 August 2011 22:42
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OBAMACARE is destroying the fabric of America, is too expensive, is a socialist plot, is unconstitutional, is a fascist takeover of God-given rights, and is Evil.

SCOTTCARE (the health insurance that covers Florida's beloved Gov. Rick Scott) costs less than 28 cents a day for an individual adult or less than a dollar a day for full family coverage. The deductibles and co-pays are negligible. Other people do the paperwork for you. It is a blessing of goodness and light - at least.

Public school tax money pays a for-profit charter school corporation to pay for a public rally to promote use of tax money for charter schools. (Try reading that aloud three times fast without making your mind burst.)

If that isn't crazy enough, the charter school corporation admits to busing in 2,000 private employees to cheer during today's Orlando photo-op event. Charter Schools USA collects millions of dollars of tax money for profit but claims that the money they are spending to rally for Scott and Rhee's support of the corporation comes from the corporation's own pocket - not tax profits. (Is your mind melting, yet?)

#1 Share. #2 Play fair. #3 Don't hit people.

One five year old learned this well during her brief nine year life.

Angry Tea Party adults choose to forget what they were taught - and why those same three kindergarten lessons are vital to the teachings of every major religion and productive government.

"What Would Jesus Cook?" A McDonalds' Happy Meal for a vote?

Written by | Sunday, 14 August 2011 15:32
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Not the Jesus of the Bible - that is for sure.

The following link is not a joke - as bizarre as it actually is. I laughed and laughed - at first.

Florida has Michelle Rhee, and Illinois has Jonah Edelman as front-line attackers. Other states have similar people with organizations bearing sweet titles such as Save the Children or Students First masking the real purpose of the corporate for-profit takeover of schools (privatization).
ALERT: Do you realize that these attacks are also occurring all over the world?

The Palm Bay City Council meeting on August 4 focused on the proposed Fire Safety fee (click here for details). SCPA president Joe Pishgar and SCPA member Ray Myers were among several citizens who spoke up against the Tea Party folks and in support of Michele Paccione, Ken Green, and William Capote. Read more for exclusive video...

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