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Energy, Earthquakes, and Democracy

Written by | Tuesday, 12 April 2011 06:46
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Jay Mandle's April Money on My Mind column, "Energy, Earthquakes, and Democracy," puts the current events of Japan's nuclear disaster, the Arab push for democracy, and U.S. energy policy into perspective.

'Pink Slip' Tobia, Workman, Gov. Rick Scott and…

Written by Random Justice | Saturday, 09 April 2011 07:58
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Rep. John Tobia has filed House Bill 1425 to DECREASE MINIMUM WAGES, he supported House Bill 1405 forcing state employees to pay 5% into their retirement -- a pay cut to workers. Republicans attack the workers in HB 1021. Meanwhile, Gov. Scott gives agency heads a pay raise!

FL Republicans pass Anti-Union FL HB 1021

Written by Random Justice | Friday, 25 March 2011 07:02
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Florida Republicans rushed through House Bill 1021, the bill passed FL House by vote 73-40, to make it illegal to have public employees' union dues taken directly from their paychecks and outlaw similar voluntary deductions for political funds they support -- thus weakening organized labor financially, and politically.

Help, New Stepchildren

Written by | Thursday, 24 March 2011 09:32

Dr. Wilson

I have just remarried and now have two step children -- an 8 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. The girl is quiet and the boy is angry. My new wife is wonderful and wants me to be close to the children. But when I try, it doesn’t seem to work, she gets upset and the kids go to their rooms. And there I am alone watching T.V. Help!

'Pack the Park' Pro-labor rally 1pm Sun. Mar. 20

Written by Random Justice | Friday, 18 March 2011 06:03
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Teachers, firefighters, librarians and other public service workers will be joined by their supporters in a pro-labor rally at Wickham Park Pavilion next to Brevard Community College, Melbourne Campus, at 1pm Sunday, March 20, 2011. The rally is sparked by continuing cuts and threats of more cuts to wages, benefits and retirement pensions.

Collective Bargaining -- What's it mean?

Written by Random Justice | Friday, 18 March 2011 05:29
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The right to bargain collectively for workplace conditions, employment wages and benefits was hard-earned less than 100 years ago. The process 'enhances human dignity, liberty and autonomy of workers by giving them the opportunity to influence the establishment of workplace rules and thereby gain some control over a major aspect of their lives, namely their work...'

8 years Of Iraq War And Occupation

Written by | Tuesday, 15 March 2011 08:29
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March 19th is the 8th anniversary of the Iraq war, a war based on lies. "Combat" troops have left Iraq; but 17 U.S. bases remain, along with 50,000 troops and uncounted foreign private mercenary contractors.

Comment now to conserve Everglades headwaters

Written by Doug Sphar | Monday, 14 March 2011 09:12
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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, other public agencies and private landowners are collaborating on the Greater Everglades Partnership Initiative for land conservation in the Everglades headwaters. A show of public support is needed to overcome the opposition, which is already active. Info here. By Doug Sphar, Turtle Coast Sierra Club.

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