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Millions Marching for Medicare 4All Rally
Monday, July 24, 2017, 05:00pm - 07:00pm

Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All is reaching out to the basic humanity that resides within all of us, a humanity that links all of us together as Americans to form a more perfect union. In order to achieve our unali‚Äčenable right to health for ourselves and for our posterity, every American will need to understand that there is a fundamental self interest of each one of us to state with absolute clarity and resolve that WE THE PEOPLE will speak with one crystal clear voice to demand from our elected representatives the justice of a fair and non-profit healthcare system.

Let us all recognize and accept that our right to health shall not be abridged by any political system. Also, let us understand that a Nobel Prize winning famous economist Milton Friedman's research has discovered that we will save $600 BILLION a year with the passage of Medicare for all.
Therefore, be it resolved that in order to secure the Blessings of maximal health for every child, woman, and man within the United States of America that WE THE PEOPLE shall march and rally in every State and that WE THE PEOPLE shall accept nothing less than a quick passage of a law that establishes the right of every American to choose Medicare for All.

Be a part of something greater than all of us, Be a part of history, Be a part of saving lives, reducing suffering and preventing medical bankruptcies--Be a participant in MILLIONS MARCHING FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL!

Location 1700 W. New Haven, Peace Corner, Melbourne, FL
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