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Friday, 29 November 2013 14:00

Threat of biotech corporations + GMO crops

Written by  Natural Society


How biotech corporations and GMO crops are threatening environment and people

Through the mass genetic modification of nature via GMO crops, animals, biopesticides, and the mutated insects that are created as a result, mega biotechnology corporations are threatening the overall genetic integrity of the environment as well as all of humankind.

As the production and consumption of GMO crops continue to soar, it is becoming increasingly apparent that consumers worldwide are unknowingly participating as ‘test subjects’ in a massive experiment on the long-term effects of GMO crops and ingredients.

In fact, nearly 93% of US soybeans are genetically modified in order to resist powerful weed-killers that were found to be killing the actual soybeans as well as the weeds. So it turns out that the weedkiller was actually strong enough to kill the soybeans, yet it is considered safe for consumption. After the genetic alteration, these powerful weed-killers now simply drench the genetically modified soybeans.


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