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Monday, 08 June 2015 19:23

Rupe: Florida Special Session Report

Written by  Maureen Rupe

Posted June 8, 2015

Florida Special Session Report / Medicaid Expansion

By Maureen Rupe
President, Partnership for a Sustainable Future

We all knew the outcome of the Legislative Branch debate on Friday.  I knew watching the debate would just aggravate myself, but I had to see if there was any valid arguments against the Medicaid expansion.  There was every excuse possible from Republicans.

One representative said there was non-transparency in healthcare and gave an example of you go to a dentist and ask how much was a teeth cleaning, he could tell you, but if you go to a hospital and ask the cost of a procedure, they just ask for your insurance card.  The examples were completely unwarranted as a tooth usually reacts the same to treatment, and procedures any internal organs can have many complications unlike cleaning or filling teeth.

According to an Huffington Post article by Mollie Reilly, titled “Florida House Rejects Plan To Expand Health Care For Hundreds Of Thousands,” “It's something we cannot afford, not only in Florida but in the rest of the nation, if we have government controlled health care,” state Rep. Doug Broxson (R) said, according to The New York Times.”  Isn’t Medicare Government Controlled healthcare?  They said the same thing about that when it was voted in years ago.  In the Huffington Post article, Rep Broxson (R) went on to say "History tells us that anything the government is involved in tends to expand. I’m very concerned that we could spend all our gross national product on health care, and it would take away from every other program we have in the state."  That might be right, but saying no without coming up with a replacement is not only irresponsible and immoral, and they don’t deserve to be in office.

Seems similar as another representative that blamed the Non-Profit hospitals.  It’s amazing that Florida can have State Statute 395.1041 that requires any hospital that has emergency services (which are pretty much just non-profit hospitals) must provide emergency treatment if necessary, track why they treated for at least 5 years, and if they are proved not to have provide it correctly, they can be sued by state law, the same as required by federal law.  At the same time, the Florida Governor and House of Representatives wants those hospitals to eat that cost.  Hospitals are currently writing off millions of dollars every year for thousands of individuals that are not paying for their treatments.  If they have to write off more, all it will mean is cost will be going up for the rest of Floridians.  There’s no such thing as a free ride, someone has to pay, so why not take it out of the taxes we’ve already paid instead of paying it out hidden in our hospital bills.

The House Medicaid discussion went on for 6 hours, with Democrats pleading for a yes vote.  Six hours – I could have been at the Enchanted Forest, the library, lunch with friends, but I had to listen due to what Plato once said.  “One of the penalties of not being involved in politics, you will find yourself governed by your inferiors.”  Politics hasn’t changed any since Plato wrote that one.


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