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Monday, 15 June 2015 12:56

Objectors to freight rail project have 'best' attitudes

Written by  Anthony L. Dutton, Mary E. Hillberg

Posted June 15, 2015 -- revised 4:48pm

Objectors to the freight rail project have the best of attitudes

By Anthony L. Dutton
Melbourne FL

On Saturday, June 13, FLORIDA TODAY reported that Canaveral Port Authority CEO, John Walsh, has publicly apologized to Badr Jafar of Gulftainer and Yousef Al Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates' Ambassador to the U.S., for those in our community who oppose the Port Authority's plan to build a freight rail bridge and causeway across the Indian River Lagoon, saying they "have a bad attitude".
Objectors to the freight rail project are trying to help preserve the Lagoon and the wildlife who depend on it. They have the best of attitudes - they want to avoid the harm that the Port Authority wants to do to this irreplaceable natural asset. It appears that Walsh has the "bad attitude". His apology is due, not to those who will destroy our lands and waters for profit, but to those who want to save our environment.


Port Canaverl Authority commissioners need to apologize to Brevard citizens


By Mary E. Hillberg
Merritt Island

To Our Aware and Active Brevard Community:

The Saturday FLORIDA TODAY article on the “welcoming” of the United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador (Yousef Otaiba) and their Gulftainer Corporation’s Director (Badr Jafar), by our Canaveral Port Authority was shocking.  
Port Director John Walsh, speaking on behalf the five elected Port Authority Commissioners (Allender, Deardoff, Justice, Weinberg & Evans), expressed a public apology to these individuals for the citizens of Brevard County, stating Brevard citizens have a “bad attitude” when objecting to the construction of a freight train built through their Indian River Lagoon.   
The Brevard County citizens who object to a heavy cargo diesel freight train built in our lagoon are those who want a return on the investment of millions of tax dollars and citizen hours in lagoon restoration & protection, ourproperty values to remain intact or increase, and our environment to be as clean and safe as possible.  These citizens are aware that the Indian River Lagoon is the economic engine for our county and has been the “lifesaver” for us all since the Space Program was reduced in the 2007 U.S. Budget.   
The Canaveral Port Authority Commissioners themselves need to publically apologize for such a disrespectful remark to the citizens of Brevard County, who may well remember who has the “bad attitude” when election times roll around for all five of these public servants

Contributors: Anthony L. Dutton and Mary E. Hillberg.
Compiled by Team SCPA.


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