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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 11:50

Pay up, Rick!

Written by  Miami Herald, Team SCPA

Posted August 11, 2015 / Revised August 17, 2015 at 9:26am
Rick + Pam Show, cont'd.
Yes, he's back! And this time, for settlement of his seemingly ongoing contempt for open government. Where's the settlement money coming from? Rick is robbing The People, taking state money including $445,000 of Amendment 1 funds. Is there no end to this gall? Thank you, Miami Herald for making this known. Here in Brevard County, we might never know if... / Carl Hiaasen asks if Rick is the worst ever?
-- SCPA Editor


Carl Hiaasen: Gov. Scott picks the public’s pockets

Miami Herald, by Carl Hiaasen, August 15, 2015

Is Rick Scott the worst governor in the history of Florida?

It’s a question lots of people ask, and the verdict’s still out. The state has had many lousy governors since 1845, when the job first opened.

Scott is certainly a prime contender for worst ever, and each new screwing of Floridians pushes him closer to the title. The latest outrage reveals the fair-weather fiscal conservative reaching deep into public pockets to bail himself out of legal trouble.

During the last few months, taxpayers have been soaked for more than $1 million to settle lawsuits in which Scott and his dim-bulb Cabinet flagrantly violated Florida’s open-records and open-meetings laws.

No other sitting governor has used tax money to end public-records cases that were caused by his own secretive misbehavior. Scott couldn’t care less. …


Pay up, Mr. Scott!

Miami Herald Editorial, August 10, 2015

Even for someone who has amply shown contempt for open government, Rick Scott’s latest failure to play by the rules is outrageous. The governor has agreed to pay $700,000 — in state funds — to settle seven public-records lawsuits involving alleged violations of Florida’s public-records law.

That’s our money that the governor is using to get out of a jam involving an arrogant attempt to prevent the public from seeing communications with his staff.

The case involved the governor’s secret plan …

… it gets worse.

First, there has not been a full public accounting of how much state money was used to defend the governor in the Andrews case, despite repeated requests from this newspaper and others, as befits a serial stonewaller.

Second …

… And here is the final indignity: The $700,000 settlement in the Andrews case will include $120,000 from the governor’s office, $60,000 from the Department of State and $75,000 from the office of Attorney General Pam Bondi. But the bulk of the money, $445,000, will come from the Department of Environmental Protection.
Why DEP? Because DEP is flush, thanks to the voters’ overwhelming approval of Amendment 1, which sets aside money to protect Florida’s natural resources. Like Willie Sutton, Mr. Scott knows where the money is. ...
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