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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 14:56

Grow Public Transport in Brevard

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At the SCPA Oct 1 meeting, “Leave Your Car at Home”, attendees were surprised to learn how little money is allotted to public transit. There is no “money in the bank” for it, just a small budget that is stretched to its limits to place its scant 29 buses in  key locations throughout the entirety of Brevard County. This effort focuses strictly on transporting working people to their jobs. Although there has been a huge growth in ridership and some extension of hours, there are no buses for night-shift, week end and early-morning workers. 

The notion of using  buses as an option to reduce traffic and pollution is not even a distant dream. With no buses running on holidays or week ends, few benches or shelters at bus stops, hour-long waits between buses and routes that are looped instead of shuttled, there is no incentive for automobile owners to opt for public transit.
There is a U.S.-wide demand for more public transit, including a movement to increase its funding in the Federal Transportation Bill. In Brevard our Fall heat wave reminds us of how greenhouse gases are increasing. It is time to pressure your Representatives in Congress to reduce carbon emissions and vitalize our towns by investing seriously in Public Transit.


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