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Friday, 15 October 2010 12:21

Naming the Invisible or not so Invisible

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There is a word in our society ( Fascism)  that our leaders are afraid to speak; or at least it’s absent from our leader’s vocabularies. We rarely hear it from the halls and the voice boxes of mass media.

There is a word in our society that our leaders are afraid to speak; or at least it’s absent from our leader’s vocabularies. We rarely hear it from the halls and the voice boxes of mass media.

It seems to be like the alcoholic family which can talk about all sorts of things except drinking. Once you name the centerpiece, the core from which all other things stem, you must face yourself and contend with it. In today’s political and media climate we hear the words socialism, liberal, communism; we really don’t hear about the nature and life of Fascism. Yet I contend the movement toward a fascist state is the agenda of our nation's controlling corporate class and many of our political leaders. Many people would reject this outright, yet when you read the definition below, how can you not come to that conclusion?


The American Heritage dictionary defines fascism as a “a system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merger of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism.”

“Fascism was named by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. This is relevant to our discussion because Mussolini noted the entry he wrote for the Encyclopedia Italiana, “Fascism should be more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”
Thom Hartman, “ What would Jefferson Do”, p.19.

Home grown Examples?

We know for fact that the pharmaceutical companies wrote pharmacy legislation which was guided to the halls of Congress by Tom DeLay. We know that transnational corporations wanted the NAFTA treaty and that the American people did not, and yet it was passed, however not without protest to its legality. A lawsuit has been filed that sits on the Supreme Court desk that has been ignored for over 20 years. Case after case we see the well-being of the people sacrificed to the will of powerful corporations.

Can we get some unity?

After reading this definition if you cannot see that this is a description of our present nation state, then you’re having difficulty making meaning of the words you read and applying them to the here and now. This is one area where the Tea Party, the Green party, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Democratic Socialists, the anti-monopoly pro-business group, and every other citizen in our nation who values democracy and the democratic process of, “we the people” ought to be able to join forces and thwart this movement toward the solidification of the fascist state which began in our country with the effort of Tom Scott before the civil war. (see Gangs of America)

Our Presidents help out!

We see this movement in the Eisenhower administration. Although he warned us about the military-industrial complex during his tenure as president, he did not challenge the formation of the military-industrial complex. We also see it in the Reagan Administration, the Bush administration, the Clinton Administration, and the Bush and Cheney administration. No party is innocent in this movement of the march toward this fascist state. Reagan is famous for union busting (the union being a stronghold for the people, the working class), the first Bush is famous for the “One World Order” speech, Clinton is famous for NAFTA and repealing the Glass-Steagall act, Bush and Cheney are famous for simply allowing corporations to rule and moving the Supreme Court to be dominated by pro-transnational corporate class judges.

A Change?

The jury is still out on Barack Obama. Obama’s appointment of Cass Sunstein to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, an office that under the Bush administration literally asked corporations what regulation should be eliminated, is a hopeful sign of not supporting this movement toward fascism. Cass Sunstein wrote the book, “The Second Bill of Rights,” a case for the need to complete F. D. Roosevelt’s vision for our country. Barack Obama’s attempt to get the public option in health care was not a movement toward enhancing corporate power, however the numbers from his own party that supported corporate power and the healthcare industry forced Obama to back up from the public option, to many a great disappointment. His appointment of Elizabeth Warren to establish the agency for financial reform is another indication of a roadblock toward this over forty-year movement toward a fascist state. However it seems putting Bill Clinton’s financial team in charge of the treasury is certainly questionable. On the whole it does appear to me that Barack Obama has hindered this March toward a fascist state and has offered some very good signs this is not the direction he wants our country to move.

The citizens, are we capable?

The problem with the citizenship of our country is that we do not see the sweeping movements of history. We seem to hear only the spin and linguistic clichés put into the media atmosphere by media transnational corporations that have a clear agenda. Sad to say it does seem that we are a nation of weak minded people. For example, our government has policies in place to feed the hungry, to take care of the elderly, to educate our children, to take care of our children, in other words to use the funds available to it to invest in the less fortunate of our society. These are clearly gospel values that can be found in the Christian Scriptures. And yet the voice of the Christian community is to remove these programs, most often crying against the redistribution of wealth. However it seems to me that the wealth since the 1980s has been in a process of redistribution (upward), yet this process of redistribution does not get called into question.

Take off your glasses and see!

We need to name the elephant in the middle the room in order to recover the well-being of our democracy. If we do not, the sickness and ill health of our democracy will lead us to a death and we will wake up one day and find ourselves under the tyranny of a foreign power. If you want to get a glimpse of that foreign power look at who has access to creating laws that structure our society. I write this and hope that the variety of volunteer associations and groups that comprise our citizenship may join together to dis-empower the corporate class that is taking by force, corruption, and bribery the democratic state in which we live, and replacing it with a fascist state.

Rev. Gregory Wilson


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