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Friday, 17 February 2012 11:19

How do you find out how they voted?

Written by  David Cullen, Sierra Club Florida

Posted Feb. 17, 2012



1. Go to
2. Put the bill number in the "go to bill" dialogue box at the top of the page and click "Go" (This will bring up the bill's page.)
3. On the horizontal row of tabs, the last from the right is "Vote history" -- click on that tab.
4. When you've clicked on the tab, the votes will appear in a box beneath the row of tabs. The earliest vote will be at the top. Click on the link below "Result"


1. Go to

In the House, the votes are in different places depending on whether they took place in committee or on the floor.

The floor votes are easiest so we'll do them first.

2. On the right hand side of the home page for the House is a "find a bill' tab. Enter the bill number and click "Go"
3. Scroll down to "Vote History" and click on the floor votes.

The floor votes are numbered and indicate at the top what the vote was on, second reading, third reading, or an amendment (by barcode.) If it is a floor amendment, you can go back to the bill page and scroll up to the "Bill Text" section where the amendments are listed by barcode number,

Click on the number and you can see the text of the amendment. In many (most) cases, the amendment will start with "strike lines X - XXX" -- in that case you need to find out whether the amendment is to the bill (the latest CS, or committee substitute) or to a strike-all amendment. This will be indicated at the top of the amendment. In either case you will want to open a second window and open the version of the bill the amendment is drawn to so you can see what is being stricken and what will be inserted in its place.

Now, for committee votes in the House:
1. Go to
2. Using the "find a bill" tab, enter the bill number and go to the bill page.
3. Scroll down to “Referred committees and committee actions”
4. Click on “See Votes”

If there are votes on amendments or procedural votes in committee they should show up as described above for the Senate. But for the House, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper:
1. Using the “find a bill” tab as above find  out which committee the vote took place in and on which date.
2. Go up to the “Committees” tab at the top of the page and click on it.
3. Scroll down to the appropriate committee and click it
4. On the right side of the page under “Committee Documents” click on “Action Packets”
5. Click on the date of the meeting in question
6. Be patient – Action packets can be very large documents. Once it comes up on screen, scroll through it for the bill you’re interested in until you come to the vote you want. It’s in PDF format so you’ll either have to save it as PDF or transfer the information to Excel or Word, depending on how you plan to use it.

(Thanks to David Cullen, Sierra Club Florida)

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