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Florida Voter Registration Online!

Written by | Monday, 09 July 2018 20:33
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Did you know you can register to vote or update your voter registration online?

The deadline to register to vote in the August 28 primary is July 30.

The deadline to register to vote in the November 6 general election is October 9.

Go to to register or update your registration!

Please Join The SCPA!

Written by Team SCPA | Sunday, 03 June 2018 22:27
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Get Ready for More Expensive Health Care

Written by | Tuesday, 22 May 2018 21:03
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The actions of the current administration are substantially hurting our health care.

Replace Trump

Written by Bob Serody | Tuesday, 29 August 2017 16:44
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I once selected topics for a current affairs program and served as moderator at a senior citizens residence, and then Trump was elected president. Like many other voters, I went into shock.

The How and Why of Drumpf

Written by | Monday, 26 December 2016 19:23
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Since the November presidential election, perhaps you, like me, periodically ruminate on what has happened. Maybe you are asking yourself, how did this happen?  Are people really this gullible?  What is going on?   I have read articles that have helped me make sense of what is going on. They have given me a new frame of reference on the president-elect.  None of it makes me feel any better about what we are facing in the future. 

Bylaws of SCPA

Written by SCPA team | Sunday, 28 September 2014 07:26
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The bylaws

Board of Directors 2014

Written by | Saturday, 27 September 2014 15:01
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The Board

Board of Directors 2018

Written by Team SCPA | Thursday, 29 January 2015 21:42
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The SCPA Board.

eNews Sign-up Successful

Written by | Saturday, 01 September 2012 11:05
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Documentaries Recommended by SCPA Members

Written by | Saturday, 12 December 2009 20:02
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These documentaries provide in depth information about important issues not normally provided in mainstream media or theatres. Most are available at Netflix, see: We honor the late Michele Langlais by leaving an asterisk on those films which Michele once recommended and provided to us. Those films must now also be obtained from NetFlix or other sources. Want to recommend a film? Please send information -- complete film title and a brief description -- to Shirley Jin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Crude Awakening (world's dependency on oil), 2006, 1 hr. 23 min, Brave New Films
**Affluenza (consumerism), 1997, 63 min, Bullfrog Films
**America and the Holocaust, 1994, 90 min, Schanachie
America Betrayed (How government and big business bring ruin to America's infrastructure) 2008, 94 min, First Run Features
America: Freedom to Fascism, 2006, 105 min, Cinema Libre Studio
American Blackout (minority voters disenfranchised), 2006, 92 min, The Disinformation Company
An Inconvenient Truth (global warming), 2006, 96 min, Paramont Classics
An Unreasonable Man (Ralph Nader), 2006, 121 min, First Take (IFC)
Bowling for Columbine (firearms and the Columbine massacre), 2002, 119 min, United Artists Films
*Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Greg Palast on Bush and 2000 election) 2004, 61 min, Ryko
Bush's Brain (Karl Rove), 2004, 80 min, Tartan Films
Chrisholm 72: Unbossed and Unbought (The inspiring journey of Congresswoman Shirley Chrisholm, who vied for President in 1972), 2004, 76 min, Film Movement
*Control Room (Al Jazeera), 2004, 83 min, Magnolia Pictures
Distorted Morality (Noam Chomsky lecture on terrorism) 2002, 115 min, Epitaph
Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing, 2006, 93 min, The Weinstein Company
End of Suburbia, history and sustainability of suburban life, 2004, 90 min, Brave New Thearers
End of America, (presents evidence of our society's eroded liberty and compares it to the loss of liberty experienced in other countries as their governments tumbled into fascism),  2008, 74 Min,Indiepix Films (DVD available Jan 21, 2009)
*Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (downfall of powerful energy company) 2005, 110 min, Magnolia Pictures
Everything's Cool (The reality of global warming, its coming catestrophic effects including the end of civilization and the mission to get the world to care) 2007, 89min, City Lights Pictures
Fahrenheit 911 (Michael Moore on 9/11 terrorist attacks) 2004, 122min, Lionsgate Films
Flow: For Love of Water (examines the harsh realities behind the mounting water crisis. With water drying up around the world,  human lives are at stake.) 2008, 84 min, Oscilloscope Pictures
Gandhi, 1982, 3 hrs. 8min, Sony Pictures
Gitmo (The New Rules of War), 2005, 79 min, Red Envelope Entertainment
Giuliani Time, 2005, 118 min, Cinema Libre
Hacking Democracy (Electronic voting), 2006, 81 min, Docurama
How Progressives and Democrats Can Win: Solutions by George Lakoff, 25 min, Amazon
*Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train (lifelong commitment to social change) 2004, 78 min, First Run Features
In Debt We Trust (growing American debt burden) 2006. 98 min, Brave New Theaters
**Independent Intervention (mainstream media coverage of the war in Iraq and the need for independent media) 2006, 75 min, Bullfrog Films
*Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers, 2006, 75 min, Brave New Films
Jesus Camp (revivalist subculture) 2006, 84 min, Magnolia Films
Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains, (an intimate portrait of Jimmy Carter that explicates the former president's view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) 2007, 120 min, Sony Pictures Classics
*Joyeux Noel (true story of Christmas during WW I) 2005, 116 min, Sony Pictures
**Lennon-Timeless Portrait, 2006, 74 min, Artemis Strategic
*Life and Debt, 2001, 86 min, New Yorker Films
King Corn (realities of modern farming) 2007, 88 min, Balcony Releasing
Manufacturing Consent (Noam Chomsky and the Media) 1993, 167 min, Zeitgeist Films
Maxed Out (staggering financial burden), 2006, 87 min, Trueworks
No End in Sight (decisions that led to the invasion of Iraq) 2007, 102 min, Magnolia
*Noam Chomsky – Distorted Reality: America’s War on Terroism, 2002, 115 min, Zeitgeist
*Noam Chomsky – Grand Imperial Strategy, 2006, 120 min, Music Video
Not For Ourselves Alone, (Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and the suffrage movement -- prodced by Ken Burns and Paul Black) 1999, 3 hrs and 30 min, PBS
One Bright Shining Moment (George McGovern's presidential bid in 1972), 2005, 125 min, First Run Features
Orwell Rolls in His Grave (government control of media) 2004, 103 min, Sag Harbor- Basement Pictures
*Outfoxed (Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism) 2004, 77 min, Cinema Theatrical
Promises (Israeli and Palestinian children meet) 2001, 106 min, Arab Film Distribution
Recount (A chronicle of the weeks after the 2000 U.S. presidential election and the recounts in Florida) 2008, 116 min, HBO pictures
*Sicko, 2007, 120 min, Lionsgate Films
Sir! No Sir! (anti war activities of American GIs and other members of the military during the Vietnam era) 2005, 84 min, Balcony Releasing
Smothered (Smothers Brothers censorship struggles), 2002, 93 min, New Video Group
Speaking Freely Vol. 4, (Chalmers Johnson warns of the dangers of American imperialism) 2007, 52 min, Cinema Libre
*Stupidity (why humans increasingly choose to be stupid) 2003, 77 min, RYKO
Supersize Me, 2004, 98 min, Samuel Goldwin Films
Taxi to the Dark Side (Iraqi taxi driver tortured to death by Americans) 2007, 105 min, Think Films
The Big Buy: Tom Delay's Stolen Congress, 2006, 75 min, Brave New Films
The Body of War (war in Iraq as seen through the eyes of a courageous young hero who signed up for the military two days after Sept. 11, only to be sent to Iraq where a bullet shattered his life physically and emotionally) 2007,87 min, Phil Donahue Enterprise
*The Corporation (spectacular rise of corporations) 2004, 145 min,  Metrodome Distribution
The End Of Suburbia (declining oil and natural gas supplies and the dire consequences for America) 2004, 90 min, Green Planet Films
The Fog of War (Robert McNamara and the Vietnam war) 2003, 107 min, Sony Pictures Classics
The Great Debators (A chronicle of the rise of a debating team from a small black Texas college during the 1930s.), 2007, 124 min, The Weinstein Company
The Ground Truth (American soldiers share their experiences in Iraq and back home as they try to reassemble their lives), 2006, 78 min, Focus Features
The Take (Argentina's economic collapse in 2001) 2004, 87 minutes, First Run Features / Icarus
*The US vs John Lennon (antiwar), 2006, 96 min, Lionsgate
The War Tapes (video taken by American soldiers in Irag), 2006, 97 min, Sen Art/Scranton-Lacy Films
**The World According to Bush (French documentary), 2004, 98min,  Flach Pictures
The World According to Monsanto (A documentary produced in France that will never be shown in the US.) It can be seen on your computer at:
2008, 109 min
The Ground Truth (American soldiers share their experiences in Iraq and back home as they try to reassemble their lives), 2006, 78 min, Focus Features
This is What Democracy Looks Like, (WTO protest) 2000, 68 min, Koch Entertainment
Tibet:  Cry of the Snow Lion, (provides insight to the Buddist religion and powerfully chronicles the dark secrets of Tibet's recent past) 2003, 103 min, Roadshow
*Unconstitutional : War on Our Civil Liberties, 2004, 67 min, Cinema Libre
*Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War (US government's reasons for launching preemptive war) 2004, 56min, Disinformation
USA The Movie, 2006, see, amazon
*Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low Cost, 2005, 95 min, Ryko
**War Is $ell (history, tactics and culture of war propaganda), 2007, 56 min, Progressive Media
War Made Easy (government's and media's history of deceiving the American People and leading us to war) 2007, 73min, Media Education Foundation
Who Killed the Electric Car?, 2006, 96 min, Sony Picture Classics
*Why We Fight (military industrial complex) 2005, 98 min, Sony Pictures Classics
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