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About Florida Sunshine Law

Monday, 10 August 2009 23:00
In June 2009, Rockledge City Manager and City Council Members intentionally tried government in secret -- which means all of us had best learn more about the Sunshine Law, and holding government accountable.

Haridopolos spin beyond the pale

Thursday, 23 July 2009 23:00
Read this email exchange between Haridopolos and our West Shore Principal, and try to laugh if you can. Tragic comedy, this grinning politician that lies beyond belief. Warning: the b.s. factor is pretty hard to stomach.
Florida ranks last in money received per person from the stimulus package. Isn't Posey fun?
Total lack of leadership in Tallahassee summed up by Tim Nickens, editorial page editor of the state's best newspaper: St. Pete Times.
Never mind economic crises, climate change, health care or any of that stuff, what we need to make sure of is that the next presidential candidate submits proof of citizenship. It's been a burning problem, somewhere, evidently. Wingnutland.
Hosted by Anne Coleman, Amy Tidd, Ron Smith, Charlie Shannon, Giacomo Ilardi, and Kevin Starkey. LIMITED TO 150 atendees. COST: $60 (scholarships and other arrangements available).
Dan Bennett shares his observations and perceptions of recent (Jan. 22, 2009) meeting between School Board and Brevard Legislative Delegation.
Votes in lockstep with Florida's most conservative congressmen (but against the majority).
Newly elected Congressman Bill Posey recently voted against two bills related to gender-based pay discrimination. Perhaps he called Dave Weldon for advice.

Legislators to raid trust funds? Call them now

Wednesday, 07 January 2009 22:00
Civic Concern and the St. Pete Times editorial board warn of the foolishness of state legislature plan to raid Chiles Endowment. See action alert from Civic Concern.
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