Sep 01 2022


6:30 pm - 8:15 pm


In order to impress his base and pursue his presidential
ambitions, our Florida governor has initiated a number
of laws affecting public school teachers and University
professors. Facing new generations of youth that tend to be
tolerant, inclusive and liberal, his administration is hoping
to reshape Florida education in the future, forming it to their
Christian nationalist values. This is part of a national rightwing effort to use GOP power in state governments to reshape
U.S. education for their political ends.
Using descriptive rather than deceptive names: The
“Anti-Woke” law affects the teaching of minority history at
all levels. The “Don’t Say Gay” law affects sex education in
public schools. Banning books in public school libraries sends
a repressive message to students and teachers. These new
laws are intended to intimidate professors with annual state
“viewpoint” surveys of students and staff as well as the videotaping of class. Public school teachers are paid an incentive
to watch an alt right religiously oriented video promoting the
material and ideas (they deem correct for our children) that
distort U.S. history and the Constitution.
Become informed. Join us as a concerned professor,
a high school teacher and a public-school union official
discuss these vital issues


Dr. J. Michael Butler: is a Kenan Distinguished Professor
of History at Flagler College, where he has taught since 2008.
His work has appeared in many leading peer-reviewed academic publications, such as the Journal of American Studies,
the Journal of Southern History, the Florida Historical Quarterly,
and Southern Cultures. His book, Beyond Integration: The Black
Freedom Struggle in Escambia County, Florida, 1960-1980
won a 2017 Florida Book Award in nonfiction. He specializes in
southern cultural history with an emphasis on the Black freedom struggle and teaches a number of classes on these topics.
Vanessa Skipper: is the VP of the Brevard Federation of
Teachers. She taught English Language Arts and Journalism
for many years at Cocoa HS and at Andrew Jackson MS.
Vanessa was a finalist for BPS Teacher of the Year in 2015.
She holds a MA degree in English Language Arts Education.
Additionally, Vanessa serves as the Secondary Director on
the Executive Cabinet of the Florida Education Association.
Adam Byrn Tritt: is an author, educator with masters in
Education, English,and Cross-cultural Communications, and
founding director and driving force behind Foundation 451-
providing banned and challenged books to students
and their families.

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