Jan 04 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



In the first part of Webinar, SCPA had their annual Officer and Board elections. In the second part, nine  panelists spoke regarding the following topics or told the following stories:(story titles are listed in double quotes.)

1. Thomas Perez: The Right to Clean Water.
2. Phil Stasik: The Wonder of Watching Eclipses
3. Larry Abdullah: “A Tale of Two Tribes”
4. William Fisk: Eliminating Plastics
5. Anthony Yantz:”Political Potluck, Recipe for Laughter or Disaster”
6. Daniel McDow: “Vision for the Future”
7. Dr. Shannon Roberts: Ten Recommended Action Items
8. Raed Alshaibi: “Being a Palestinian Man”
9. Janis Moran: The Benefits of Joining SCPA

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Meeting ID: 841 7595 0107
OR call in on your phone, enter the phone number, and then follow the prompts to enter the meeting ID
Phone: +1 929 205 6099
Zoom Weblink:

This is your chance to share your thoughts with your progressive friends! The SCPA would like to hand the ZOOM “microphone” to you for 3-5 minutes to share an idea, tell a story, make us laugh, make us cry, or just vent your spleen – in a respectful, open-minded, and good spirited way, of course.

The SCPA is well known for bringing some of the most interesting expert speakers to our ‘First Thursday” events, and every once in a while, we like to open the floor to our members and friends to explore topics that we may have missed.

Open your mind and pick-up the mic! This event is always fun and very popular with our members and guests.

We will only have time for about ten speakers, so please get on the first-come, first served list now. Please call Phil Stasik, our host, at (321) 455-2221 to get on the list. We like to have a diversity of speakers and topics, so if your preferred subject is already covered, please be prepared to pick-up an alternate topic.

Even if you’d rather listen than talk, please join us for the First Thursday of 2024, January 4th, at 6:30pm. Our annual Officer and Board elections, will come first, but the mic will open quickly, and you don’t want to miss the action!

You deserve the most freedom possible to express yourself, but we do have a few guidelines, of course. We all prefer to hear thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate speakers. Most people would rather laugh than hear someone yell. Say it with love!


  • Keep it clean and respectful of your audience. No swearing or porn.
  • Don’t embarrass yourself or the SCPA.
  • The 5-minute limit is hard. The microphone will be cut-off at 5 minutes.
  • This Zoom event has CAMERAS ON. No screen-sharing or PowerPoints.
  • If you break the rules, we will roll to the next speaker immediately.