Sep 16 2020


6:30 pm




Brevard Law & Leaders Summit
Hosted by the SCPA
Moderated by John A. Torres, Florida Today Newspaper Columnist/Podcaster
September 16, 2020 6:30PM
Hilton Melbourne Beach
3003 North A1A
Melbourne, FL 32903
Due to COVID-19 limited seating is available. 
We will be streaming live on SCPA Facebook Page. 
Zoom link:
The Space Coast Progressive Alliance is hosting a local summit on Wednesday September 16th at 6:30 PM. Both City officials and ten Organization leaders are expected to discuss the eight concerns addressed in a SCPA endorsed letter.
Leaders and City officials will share, and validate best options available for our cities and public interest in addressing current civic challenges. End vision is to prevent any possible confrontation and share with the country a glimpse of local leadership in troubling times. We all have been witnessing unfortunate incidents around the country. 
The SCPA letter was endorsed by the following organizations representing over 75,000 members in Brevard County:
*Space Coast Progressive Alliance, Raed Alshaibi, A. President 
*ACLU Brevard Chapter, Chris Curtis, President
*Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Cultural Complex, Inc. William E. Gary, President
*National Congress of Black Women, Alberta Wilson, President
*Space Coast Pride. Bill McKay, President
*Brevard NOW. Michele Paccione, President
*League of Women Voters, Space Coast. Jo Shim, President
*NAACP South Brevard. James Minus, President
*Black Lives Matter Brevard Allyship, Sofia Mazo, President
*Brevard Peacekeepers
*African American Church Representatives
**Due to limitations in “Articles of Incorporation”, Interfaith United and it’s respected members requested their endorsement to be withdrawn. Request received and accepted on 9/7/2020
Cities will be represented by the following officials:
*City of Palm Bay: Chief Moya, Acting City Manager Sherman Suzanne, Deputy Mayor Councilman Kenny Johnson
*City of Melbourne: Chief Gillespie, City Manager Shannon Lewis, Councilwoman Yvonne Minus.
*City of West Melbourne: Chief Wiley and City Manager Scott Morgan
*City of Cocoa: Mayor Jake Williams, Chief Cantaloupe or commander Hankins and City Manager Matt Fuhrer.
*Other elected officials expected to attend the meeting.
“This meeting does not represent any political views, it’s a dire civic challenge Brevard County must address.” Raed Alshaibi, A. President Space Coast Progressive Alliance 


3003 N. A!A, Melbourne FL