Aug 24 2021


6:00 pm

City of Palm Bay Vision 2040 Workshop 2: Where Do We Want To Go?

The City of Palm Bay is updating its Comprehensive Plan and will be hosting a series of workshops to gather input from the public to help determine the goals and priorities represented in Palm Bay 2040 Vision. The second public workshop will be focused on utilizing the public input from Social Pinpoint and the previous workshop, concepts and ideas will be presented to the public. At this workshop, we will be asking for preferences related to the different concepts presented. For example, if lack of employment opportunities is an issue that arises, we may identify locations within the City for employment center land uses and ask participants for their preferences on the proposed locations.
Each meeting will be held in Palm Bay City Council Chambers, located at 120 Malabar Road SE, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. For those unable to attend the in-person meeting, the workshop will also be available online and residents will have the opportunity to interact virtually. Individuals interested in attending virtually may log in at 6:00pm at