Jun 03 2021


6:30 pm



Conspiracy of Lies

Voter Suppression in the U.S.

Zoom link:                       Meeting ID: 89091950550

Thursday, June 3

6:30 P.M.

Before, during and after the election of Joe Biden, former president Trump strategically created a national narrative that the election was stolen

   Some call this the ‘Big Lie’. He did this despite complete agreement by election officials throughout this country and several courts, including his hand picked SCOTUS judges, that the election was fair. Never has such a blatant lie taken hold in this country helping to cause massive voter suppression initiatives. 

Legislators have introduced 361 provisions in 47 states. Five restrictive bills have already been signed into law, including Florida and Georgia. Many others are moving through state legislatures. Activism in several states has so far helped eliminate some of the worst provisions in these bills, but the struggle goes on. 

A comprehensive free elections bill, HR1, that must pass the Senate, requires a pause of the filibuster. Join us as three dedicated and knowledgeable warriors in this fight for voting rights speak at our June 3 Zoom meeting.


Brad Ashwell – Brad Ashwell is a BioFloridian, with twenty years of state and federal legislative experience with non-profit advocacy groups working to improve election administration systems, voter access, and the democratic process. He currently serves as the Florida State director for ‘All Voting Is Local’ (AVIL) working to eliminate discriminatory barriers to voting in the interest of democracy. Among the organizations he has served or directed are Integrity Florida, Common Cause Florida, State Voices Florida, the Florida Alliance for Consumer Protection and the Florida Public Interest Research Group. 

Nicholas Warren – Nicholas Warren is a staff attorney at the ACLU of Florida, focusing on voting rights. He has experience working on elections and voting rights issues at the local, state, and federal level. Previously, he worked on the 2010 redistricting cycle litigation at the Florida Supreme Court.

Elizabeth Hira – Elizabeth Hira is a Spitzer Fellow and Policy Counsel with the Brennan Center, focusing on large-scale democracy reform that centers on equity. Elizabeth worked most recently as a lawyer in the U.S. Congress – first for Senator Kamala Harris developing federal policy on gender equity and civil rights, and later serving on the Committee on House Administration to develop the first version of H.R. 1 for the 116th Congress. That means she literally helped to write the bill! Elizabeth has worked globally and domestically on equity for women, children, and underserved communities. She holds a BA from Stanford University and earned her JD at Georgetown Law.