Mar 02 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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Thursday, March 2, 2023
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Florida’s public schools, from kindergarten through college have faced many and varied challenges since Florida was first organized as a Territory in 1822. In recent memory, it’s hard to recall any more serious challenges than the recent, bizarre legislation pushed by Governor Ron DeSantis, and passed by the Florida Legislature that has resulted in
book banning, historical revisionism, suppression of Black History education, and numerous threats against school board members, librarians, teachers and professors across the Sunshine State. There has even been a proposal for the state to monitor the menstrual status of female student athletes! Florida Government leaders that are constitutionally required to provide free public education have for years been peddling the concept of “vouchers” that literally rob funding from our underfunded public schools to fuel exclusive private schools. They also are aggressively meddling with local school board policies and elections and endorsing censorship under the guise of promoting “Parental Rights”. Please join us as a panel of experts will take a close look at what’s really happening, and why our school children and university students have become pawns in a “Culture War ”invented for political advantage. As always, you will have the opportunity to participate by asking questions in our Q&A with the panel.

The Panelists are:

1. Patricia Farley-Crutcher – is a retired Melbourne High School Government teacher, the immediate Past-President of Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, where she also served as First VP, Region Chair, Convention Chair and Labor Chair. Patty represents the National Federation as the Southern Region Lead to the ERA Legislative Subcommittee and the ERA Coalition. While currently an active member on the Board of DWCF, Patty is also the President of the Democratic Labor Caucus of Florida and Secretary of the Spacecoast Labor Council, where she has represented Brevard Teachers for many years.

2. Jennifer Jenkins -was elected to the School Board in November, 2020. A licensed Speech Language Pathologist she has worked in public education for six years. As an employee of Brevard Public-school, she was fortunate to serve the students of Harbor City Elementary and Pre-K Exceptional Student Education Services. She continues to be an advocate for early intervention services working additionally with Space Coast Early Steps, servicing children under the age of three who have or are at risk for developmental disabilities or delays. Mrs. Jenkins is invested in the success of Brevard Public School professionally and personally. Her husband Sam is a teacher and they are planning to send their daughter to her local elementary school.

3. Anna V. Eskamini: FL Representative District: 47

4. Scott Hottenstein: President, Democratic Public Education Caucus of Florida Civics Teacher, Coach, Mentor, & Community Activist
2019 Teacher of the Year Finalist, Hillsborough County Public Schools

5. Mr. Bernard Bryan : Engineer and Mentor, Chair, Education Information of Brevard Branch of NAACP!