Jul 08 2021


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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Hate Lives Here

Thursday, July 8 / 6:30 p.m.

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”

James Baldwin,

The Fire Next Time.

HATE is a strong emotion. It festers here. We have seen it expressed in words and action disrupting peaceful demonstrations, civil discourse and social media conversations. It’s a poison that, left untreated, eats away at your very spirit and soul. Anyone who has found themselves or a loved one consumed by this poison knows how damaging – and possibly dangerous – it can become.

On July 8th we will hear from four speakers who have experienced hate in some manner, whether from within or from without. And, they may just help us find the answer to the question:  Where does hate live – in our heart or in our brain – or both?


Anthony Colucci – is a National Board Certified Teacher and President of the
Brevard Federation of Teachers, which represents nearly 5,000 teachers, media specialists, school counselors, JROTC instructors, resource teachers, social workers, and more. Prior to becoming a full-time union release officer, he taught for 16 years in Brevard County and was a finalist for Brevard County
Teacher of the Year, earning numerous awards for his creative and innovative lessons. Under Colucci’s leadership, the Brevard Federation of Teachers
has increased its membership by nearly 800 members and has become the foremost voice on public education in the county.

 Sonya Mallard is the Cultural Center Coordinator, for the Harry T. and Harriette V. Memorial Park Museum. She is a Community Activist with more than 30 years of experience in Motivational Speaking, HIV Awareness and Testing, Civic Engagement, and mentoring.  She is known for speaking about the Legacy of the Moores’, Black Experiences in America, HIV Awareness, Keeping It Real, and so much more like Knowledge is Power.  Her greatest fulfillment comes when her students, clients, and audience members act and make meaningful changes that transform their health, relationships, work, mind, and spiritual lives. She is known for giving out condoms FREE and stationing condom bowls throughout drug infested neighborhoods, beauty stores, and night clubs to help decrease the disease. She is a Blogger for the Well Project – Voices from our Allies and also writes for Ebony News Today and other newspapers.

 Bill McKay – Bill is a tireless local activist, as evidenced by his many activities!  He is the current Community Director of Space Coast Pride, and was its former President. He is also currently the Vice-President of the LGBTA Democratic Caucus here in Brevard and a member of the Brevard Human Rights Coalition.  We are so fortunate to have him as a Board member of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance. In addition,  Bill is also a respected small-business owner.

 Jeff Schoep – is the Founder of ‘Beyond Barriers’, an organization committed to countering and preventing extremism. From 1994 until early 2019, he was the leader of the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States, the National Socialist Movement (NSM). In March 2019 he became the highest profile former white nationalist to ever walk away from far-right extremism in the USA. Since then, Jeff has been speaking against the ideology that he was part of for 27 years, making him uniquely qualified to understand extremism and extremist ideologies.‪ Jeff works as an international consultant helping educate communities and policy makers on the threat of white supremacy and how to effectively counter and prevent violent extremism.