May 04 2021


5:30 pm

Melbourne City Council Homelessness Meeting

IMPORTANT: There may be some confusion but there are TWO PUBLIC MEETINGS tonight with TWO DIFFERENT TOPICS.
MEETING #1 | MELBOURNE CITY COUNCIL: The City Council will be discussing homelessness & panhandling in the city of Melbourne. If your family is facing homelessness, or you are concerned about homelessness in Melbourne, this is the meeting to attend. It is at 5:30pm at Melbourne City Hall at 900 E. Strawbridge.
MEETING #2 | BREVARD COUNTY COMMISSION: The County Commission will be discussing rental assistance funded by the American Rescue Plan. If you believe the prior rental assistance plans need to be improved/expanded, or have experienced significant issues applying for COVID rental assistance, this is the meeting to attend. This meeting is at 5pm at the Viera Government Center, 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Building C. The agenda item is F-10.
For either meeting, sign up to make a 3-minute public comment with the clerk when you arrive. At Meeting #2, make sure you specify that you’d like to chat about Agenda Item F-10.

900 E Strawbridge Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901-4739, United States
Tomorrow at 5:30 PM EDT
Price: Free
Public Anyone on or off Facebook
MELBOURNE CITY COUNCIL will be hosting a public workshop regarding the homeless on Tuesday, 5/4, at 5:30pm at Melbourne City Hall located at 900 E Strawbridge Ave.
The Council needs to hear from those of you who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness, who are living in motels, and who are at risk of eviction or losing your homes in Melbourne, Florida. I hope those who have taken on excessive debt to keep your housing, and those whose housing has been impacted by income or job loss due to COVID, or delays in processing unemployment claims, will speak up too. PLEASE ALSO OFFER PUBLIC COMMENT IF YOU SERVE OR WANT TO ADVOCATE ON BEHALF OF THESE COMMUNITIES.
KEY MESSAGES: The unsheltered in our community need housing, not to be further criminalized or penalized. Asking for help and helping should not be criminalized or penalized.
Here’s some background information about the meeting:
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