Jun 10 2021


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Panel Discussion: LGBTQ+ Identity & Career Development

Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 6 PM EDT – 7:30 PM EDT
Price: Free · Duration: 1 hr 30 min
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LGBTQ+ individuals experience many forms of struggles when it comes to finding who they are. These struggles can be anxiety, fear of rejection from family and friends, and pressures to conform to the social norms. These struggles can have a long-lasting effect on LGBTQ+ individuals’ lives as they take up a lot of resources and energy for them to cope, leaving them with a lack of resources to help them find and develop a career.
Kick-off Pride month by joining us in this panel discussion, where we will discuss the experience of four LGBTQ+ individuals from different backgrounds in finding who they are and how they navigate through finding and developing their careers. Opportunities for the audience to ask panelists questions will also be available.
Date & Time: June 10th, 2021 (6:00 PM – 7:30 PM)
Location: Zoom…
Kathryn Hagen
Kathryn Hagen is a Midwestern woman that was transplanted here on the Space Coast at the turn of the millennium. After years in the frozen tundra, it was here in the sunshine state that she would finally bloom. For most of Kathryn’s life, her neighbors, co-workers, even her own parents knew her by a different name and as a different gender.
What came as a shock to everyone else was anything but a surprise to Kathryn. Her truth was something that she had run from, struggled with, denied, hoped, and even prayed would go away, and somehow managed to keep hidden for almost four decades. Ultimately though, she could run no longer and had to turn and face the reality of her existence. Just over two years ago Kathryn uttered the words aloud for the first time, “I am transgender.”
Since that day, Kathryn’s life has changed in ways she could never have predicted. She has found her calling as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. She is the board secretary for the PFLAG Melbourne Space Coast chapter, a community advocate, and board secretary for SPEKTRUM Health and she represents SPEKTRUM on the board of directors of the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce as well as the Space Coast Equality Coalition.
Recently she fought alongside coalition partners to preserve Brevard Public Schools policies that protect LGBTQ+ students from discrimination. The accomplishment that she is most proud of though is helping to open SPEKTRUM Health’s new clinic location in Melbourne that is bringing high-quality, affirming, health care to the LGBTQA+ residents of Brevard County.
Robert Baker
Robert Baker is a systems integration engineer at a large defense contractor in the Melbourne, FL area. Through his volunteer work in a company-sponsored Employee Resource Group, he advocates for LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion in the workplace through creating a culture of belonging.
Nicholas Cheke
Nick Cheke (He/Him) was raised in the Space Coast and attended the University of Central Florida where he became active within LGBTQ+ spaces. He took this passion to Portland State University where he worked alongside LGBTQ+ communities and graduated with a Master’s of Science. He now works as a research analyst focusing on the health and well-being of trans women.
Lee Duong
Lee Duong (he/him/his) is a Ph.D. student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology and a Research Assistant at the Institute for Cultural, Collaboration, and Management. He received his bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Psychology at Drexel University. He conducts research on teamwork dynamics, conflict management, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) related issues at work. In addition to research, Lee also volunteers and supports Space Coast Pride as the Secretary.