May 12 2021


6:00 pm

Sights of Silence: A Community Photoshoot Event – Shoot #2

Eau Gallie Square Park
Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 6 PM EDT
81–82°F Chance of Thunderstorms
Price: Free
Public Anyone on or off Facebook
The recent passing of House Bill 1, often known as the “Anti-Riot Bill,” has brought a great deal of concern to our community, especially in a such a pivotal time in social justice history.
Alongside local advocacy organizations, we are putting together these events to help our community come together and create a visual representation of our the threat felt to our First Amendment rights.
This shoot is taking place at:
Eau Gallie Square Park
1453 Highland Avenue,
Melbourne, FL 32901
Want to take part? Here’s what you need:
•If you own any attire that is in support of a cause near and dear to you, wear it! (So long as it’s not vulgar!) The idea is to visualize the fact that this bill has the potential to prohibit your voice from being heard!
•If you don’t own attire like that, it’s okay! Wear whatever you’d like! We’d prefer you avoid any clothes with large branding on it if you can.
•We plan for shoots to go quickly, for the sake of streamlining. We’ll do our best to have you in and out fast!
•The photos will be shared on social media, and is to be used as a community resource to share.
Share this event with anyone who you’d think would want to help! Stay safe and we’ll see you at the shoot!


1453 Highland Ave., Melbourne FL