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Monday, 06 February 2012 10:14

Two Events coming up at the Unitarian Universalist Church at Brevard. Earth Law

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1. Febuarry 18th Judith E. Koons teaches professional responsibility and jurisprudence at Barry University School of Law in Orlando, Florida, and is the chair of the governing committee of the Center for Earth Jurisprudence.

As planetary environmental crises advance toward us like an enormous oil spill, the call of Earth Jurisprudence has arisen, suggesting that a shift is necessary in the way that we think about law, governance, and nature.

Judith Koons is an Internationally recognized expert on Transitional Towns and moving from nature to law.

  1. 2. A class focused on:

Some Tenets of Earth Jurisprudence

Wild Law: Is There Any Evidence of Earth

Jurisprudence in Existing Law and Practice?

Judith E. Koons author

What is Earth Jurisprudence? Key Principles to

Transform Law for the Health of the Planet

Discussion Points

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Greg Wilson

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A progressive advice column must deal with at least two areas of life. One is the interaction of relationships, the every day moving about of families and couples, individual growth and the struggles we all go through as we pass through time. The second area is how culture, laws, religion, and social constructs affect our daily living. For example, “How do I deal with my Christian fundamentalist brother?” or “How do I introduce my family to my partner of four years knowing they supported Amendment Two?” Some of the issues we deal with are unique and I hope in this column our community finds a place to deal with that uniqueness. There have been moments in my life where a word, a comment from some one at the right time made a difference in how I saw a situation and the decisions I made. The older I become the more I realize the wisdom in listening. Decisions that seem important, or seem unimportant, can influence years of a persons life.

Dr. Gregory Wilson’s D. Min. is in Pastoral Psychotherapy

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