About SCPA

Statement of Founding Principles

The Space Coast Progressive Alliance advances progressive policies at the local, state and national level through support of political candidates, education on critical issues, coordination of activities among local and state progressive organizations, and providing internet resources. We are a grassroots organization of concerned citizens who strive for domestic and international policies beneficial to the well-being and self-determination of Americans and all peoples of the world, for protection of civil and personal liberties, and for progressive environmental, economic, labor, health care, social welfare, education, foreign, and defense policies.

The Space Coast Progressive Alliance derives its ideals and principles from the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.

  • We believe our government must protect all of its citizens from all forms of discrimination.

  • We believe our government must provide universal and comprehensive health care.

  • We believe our government must provide students with a high quality, free public education that respects the separation of church and state.

  • We believe our government must insure that all individuals continue to enjoy free speech, the protection and advancement of personal privacy, and a free media, even in the context of international threats.

  • We believe our government must protect our environment, preserve our natural heritage, and adopt growth policies that support an ecologically sustainable economy beneficial to citizens of the United States and the world.

  • We believe our government must adopt progressive domestic economic and labor policies that promote prosperity and social equality here and abroad.

  • We believe our government must follow a progressive foreign policy that seeks social justice, economic cooperation, peaceful conflict resolution, and economic justice for all world citizens. These goals will only be realized through multilateral cooperation and participation in international organizations and treaties.

  • We recognize threats to our national security. We believe our government must develop defense policies that are guided by a progressive foreign policy in which imperial ambitions are forsaken. We believe that an adequate yet affordable defensive military capability must be maintained.

SCPA Board of Directors

President: Karen Houston
Vice-President: Bonnie Ida
Treasurer: Carol Becker
Secretary/Tech. Support: Dr. Nelly Cardinale

Vickie Impoco : Communication Chair
Barbara Bingnear : Membership Chair
Janis Moran : Action Project Committee Chair
Ellen Jones : Member Delegate
Bill McKay : Member Delegate
Larry Abdullah: Member Delegate