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Monday, 07 May 2012 17:40

The Attack on Florida's Supreme Court Justices by ALEC and other $$$$$

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"The same group that waged a last minute stealth campaign against two of our Florida Supreme Court justices in 2010 announced its intent to remove all three justices who will be on the ballot in November.” - Dan Stengle

The reality is that a political committee is being run by Jesse Phillips, an Orlando Tea Party professional poltical assault specialist. He also ran the unsuccessful attempts to obliterate both Justice Jorge Labarge and Justice James E. C. Perry in 2010. Obviously, he and his organization have more funds and a heavier multinational megacorporate agenda to promote - all under the guise of saving America from "judicial activism" to be replaced not by standard merit system but by preselected uber-conservative appointees. Read more HERE.

The onslaught continues as more money is plowed through the image-makers whose sole purpose for existence is to produce propaganda as free-speech against Supreme Court Justices with sterling records of following the rule of law. Since the financial giants who finance American Justice Reform prefer rule of money as free speech, the unjustified attack against Justices Pariente, Lewis and Quince will continue. Read even more HERE.

Please educate yourself and your friends by passing this information along. Buying a Supreme Court is no way to run a democratic republic!





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