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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 05:05

Say NO to the Koch Brothers in Orlando on Thursday 5/16


Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch have bought more politicians, think tanks, colleges and universities, and media outlets than you can shake a stick at. And their tentacles of influence are spreading further. 

Now they are trying to purchase eight daily newspapers, including the Orlando and Sun Sentinel, to further their libertarian anti-government, anti-union agenda. 

The sale of the Orlando Sentinel and other daily papers across the county, including the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and the Baltimore Sun, is expected to happen sometime in May. The Kochs are expected to be the highest bidders. 

Unless we stand together and say NO to the Koch brothers and their tentacles of radical influence! 

Join us outside the Orlando Sentinel Building this Thursday at 5:30 PM to send a clear message: We Need Journalism Not Propaganda! 

Orlando Sentinel Building
633 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

If bought by the Koch brothers, the Orlando Sentinel would become a powerful arm of their Kochtapus tentacles, along with the think tanks and political groups that they fund, like the Cato Institute, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity and the Tea Party.

We need an independent, objective daily newspaper that brings us the news we need, not another megaphone to amplify the radical libertarian views of the Koch Brothers. 

Join Us Thursday as we oppose the sale of the Orlando Sentinel and eight other daily newspapers to the radical right-wing Koch Brothers. Stop the arms of the Kochtapus tentacles from spreading further!

The Orlando Sentinel, if owned by the Kochs would promote a radical agenda that includes:

De-funding public education

Privatizing Social Security

Overturning the new healthcare law

Eliminating the minimum wage

Attacking evidence of global warming

Destroying unions

We need to call on the investors selling the Tribune papers, including the Orlando Sentinel, to say NO to selling our daily newspaper to radical right-wingers like the Koch Brothers. Don't let the Kochtapus tentacles choke out our access to truth.  



  • Comment Link Clyde White Saturday, 08 June 2013 10:49 posted by Clyde White

    Some honesty, and accountabilty from the media would be nice. We would not want bias, like say.... When Dan Rather, and CBS produced false documents claiming that G.W. Bush did not fulfille his Air National Guard commitment. Or when the same media witheld that John Edwards, (Kerrys running mate) had a mistress, while using his wifes cancer as a sympathy issue to gain votes. They sure ran wild with Romneys %47 remark. Wher was the media over the Fast and Furious debacle. Where was the media when Solyndra, who was owned by a billionaire donor to Obama enjoyed cronyism to get $535 million of taxpayer money wasted? Same for Systems A123? Where is the accountability of $92 billion wasted on green energy that created a paltry amount of permanent jobs, that cost millions per job created. (Do the math yourself) Where was the accountability when the Administration lied about a video in Benghazi? While Obama, and Clinton lied through their teeth while standing over the Ambassadors coffin still promoting this lie, so as it would not harm his re-election chances? The list is nearly endless.

  • Comment Link Clyde White Friday, 31 May 2013 11:46 posted by Clyde White

    I am in full agreement! While we are at it why not get Billionaire George Soros money and funding out of Gannett News, Washington Post, NY Times, and most of all out of his pet project "Media Matters." SEE! We can reach across the aisle.

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