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Thursday, 18 February 2010 11:07

Citizens United vs. FEC Assessment by Alliance For Justice

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Essentially, CUvFEC does not affect 501(c)(3)'s, which remain strictly prohibited from any partisan activity. For other types of corporations, two types of previously prohibited or regulated election expenditures are now permitted. These are:
a. “independent expenditures” - communication that: (1) expressly advocate the election or defeat of a candidate using  certain “magic words” such as  “support,” “oppose,” “elect,” “defeat,” or “vote for” and (2) are not coordinated with any candidate or political party;  
b. “electioneering communications” - broadcast communications that are distributed during the period close to an election and refers to a federal candidate.

The AFJ report provides a table compiling impacts for all corporation types: c3, c4, c5, c6.

Nadine Smith of Equality Florida reports on an AFJ national teleconference, where speakers stated that the ruling applies not only to national, but also state and local elections. She says that the conference speakers recommend that nonprofits seek legal opinions before changing state and local election behaviors.

F. Markham, Clean Elections Committee Chairman

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